Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No vents???! doubt very much!

Being so bored lately! Is it becos i stopped socializing or is it becos i am getting old...hmmm dont know which one comes first!
Lemme tell you everything that in my head in random order:

1. Government Lies big time: Government of Nagaland is under budget and in debt according to officials(i know this cos they refused to give me some grants for a project)... but apparently its under control according to the local paper interview with the chief Minister. WTF!

2. Winter is setting in and wedding season is fully on... wonder if i can find something out of this world to talk about later. The wedding are getting very competitive, extravagant and unique in their own ways, i wonder if i will be able to find a out of this world kind of thing here!Something that will say 'my big fat naga wedding' Hah!

3. Hornbill is very close once again... thank you 'land of festival' more pollution, more accidents, more jams! Atleast make bigger better roads if you want to hold this kind of festival else eff off.

4. No more rain! sigh! No water for another 5 months for Kohima... sad sad sad on the bright side no more landslide :)

5. Christmas? really? Its just an excuse for young people to go out party, get drunk! Helloooo reality check, we have fun 24/7 - 365 why not sacrifice one day with family and be grateful for the life!

6. More meat... poor pigs...poorer us! We are condemning ourselves to eat eat eat and suffer later, what a waste to spent the last few days of our lives in fear.

7. More demands from the underground today again! Damn you all to hell!
Ok thats all for now.