Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh where is my Naga land?

Image source Web!Kohima back in 50's i guess!

Ok today lets begin with what is Freedom? cos i seriously don't know what it actually means for me? Freedom according to my Silver dictionary is 'the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint'For me i have not been able to express my speech or for that matter exercise my right as a citizen at all! Of course the state of Nagaland comes under India's democratic rule so eventually I have more rights and more freedom as a citizen compared to some other countries and government, but i feel my rights have been negotiated and trampled with long before i came into existence.
You see the political scenario in Nagaland is not like any other state or country. Besides the Indian government and state government we have (five i am told) underground government. Its chaos at its peek. Whatever rights we have from the Indian Democracy are no longer applicable to us!

Lemme tell you frankly why i say this (i am not an expert nor do i possess extra knowledge of constitutional rights and amendments blah blah blah, but i will tell you how much i know) :P

My freedom of expression/ Speech is under threat as i write this... sooner or later when someone from the NSCN IM/K/U/N/A to Z also sees this my life i will be in a lot of trouble... who knows they might go to the extend of sending me in exile! Kidding- Not ! But ya u never know! I guess this example is strong enough to give a clear picture of how my right to speech is deprived of me =( .

My freedom to live a life without the fear of discrimination or for that matter my security to feel safe in my town is also deprived from me. Everyday before it gets dark (for that matter the time is no more relevant i think it has become a 24/7 thing to be on guard) the need to lock doors and stay inside the house arise cos unwanted visitors have this habit of barging inn and demand for money, doesn't matter who you are or what you are if your house is on the path they cross you are automatically a victim and how can you feel safe outside when the only place you call your own and feel safe has been compromised?

Freedom/Right to practice any profession and earn a livelihood is nothing but a dream for me, the reality to start from scratch and struggle from rags to riches is all a myth cos even if i am willing to get down on my knees, borrow, work really hard for it i know in the end I'll be left with nothing cos how can i plan a profit when the demands for taxes from ten thousand UG parties comes the moment i opened the door to start a business! Development is a far cry here when the Authorities cant control the factions. (i know i exaggerated the ten thousand part, kindly adjust )

There is no doubt the political leaders are showing a poker face on a lot of issues here, you think for a moment too? India can destroy the whole of Nagaland within a span of 1 month and that too without involving the whole army? But why is She not? Simple! She understands where the people are coming from! She knows their problem and she is without a doubt helping the people of Nagaland.
The factions in Nagaland no doubt is like the organized Mob/Mafia fighting for a cause and that's "Free Nagaland". But from what i have been experiencing for the past few weeks is, Free Naga's has cost us more than what we bargained for,it has cost us our life, our livelihood, our peace, our rights, our freedom. I am not anti-India nor am i anti-Naga. But where does it stop? What future do i have for my children? I am not ashamed to say that what i have today is being provided and earned rightfully by my father and then given to me and i live a luxurious life, but how am i going to secure this same life for my child if i do not have the opportunity and the rights and freedom?

Was it easy for my father? No! it was not, it has been more than hard for him to provide us with all this... but he made it... his faith in God pulled him and opened doors after doors. He achieved his dreams, in all this he has lived a purposeful and a successful life! I am yet to achieve my purpose and my dreams but i wonder if i will ever make it a reality.

One more point i have is, India is not planning to strike Nagaland cos of her strong determination and beliefs in democracy! Nagaland political leaders are to blame sadly cos they have used all means and methods to win the elections and by means i am referring to the help in terms of votes and other stuffs from the various factions that once they have come to power they are indebted to them hence cannot exercise power or control them. In a way they gave them complete control to manipulate them and so the saga of collecting taxes from innocent business person in small and big amount continues while the political leader gains from India and factions from the people leaving no room for development for public its all MY PROFIT THEIR GAIN! Alvida!

Image source: Copyright by Nayu! Kohima Nagaland

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